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The incredible benefits
of seaweed fiber

"I tested the seaweed T-shirt and it really feels different, more solid, smoother and silky than pure cotton shirts. I think it is a better, more luxurious alternative to other organic materials. And I am blown away by its carbon credentials."

Jonah G.
Los Angeles

"What's not to love about these T-shirts? They feel nice and soft, and the fit is just right: not baggy at all but not too tight either. And it's true they don't start to smell funny even after wearing them for several days :)"

Bali Ubud

"Seaweed is not an alternative but a real game changer! Yes and it feels good on the skin and is good for the soul!"

Darius Gondor
Cairo & Shanghai

"The Karma Seaweed Tee feels great, quite special compared to my other T-shirts. The seaweed adds a subtle shine. I love the ocean and I love the fact that the material actually comes from the ocean. Its quite the innovation."

Philipp G.

"Seaweed feels really soft on the skin. And it makes me feel safe knowing that it is part of the solution, not adding to the problem of climate change."

Tom O.

100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free

odor-free for days
without washing

organic and compostable, leaves no trace behind

earth-positive seaweed turns more CO2 into biomass than any plant on land

hypoallergenic seaweed is kind to sensitive skin

luxurious, light and super-soft like silk or cashmere

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