Because seaweed is the earth’s miracle material. It’s the fastest growing and most sustainable crop in the world today. It might even be the key to reversing climate change. 

But let’s back up for a second, in case you’re having a hard time putting seaweed and clothing into the same mental box.  

To make seaweed clothes you start with seaweed fiber. Seaweed fiber comes from the cell walls of giant kelp, the biggest seaweed of all. Giant kelp likes cool, clear ocean waters. It grows into vast underwater forests.

At Karma Beach Club we sustainably harvest this fiber from the ocean’s kelp farms and forests. Then we stabilize it by blending in other organically farmed fibers such as cotton, hemp or bamboo, and turn it into seaweed yarn.

We weave our yarn into a game-changing seaweed fabric. Fine-spun and feather-light, it’s softer than cotton and feels luxurious like cashmere. It’s vegan, organic and carbon negative. It’s 100 percent free of plastics, chemicals, and bad karma. 

But that's just the beginning.
Read on to discover more about the incredible benefits of seaweed on Your skin.

Seaweed feels amazing
Seaweed is a type of algae with high moisture content. The high moisture regain and hygroscopicity of the alginate fiber give it a cashmere-like feeling. The natural weave of seaweed fibers makes it incredibly breathable, unlike synthetics. This means that seaweed fabric absorbs moisture faster than cotton.
Seaweed is kind to your skin
It’s no secret that algae, or seaweed, is used in many of today’s top skin care products. This is because it’s nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants that absorb free radicals from the skin. What’s more, the very same algae that is used to make our yarns is also used in wound dressings in hospitals around the world. Did we mention it’s hypoallergenic and naturally fire-resistant too?
Seaweed keeps you fresh
Seaweed has the remarkable ability to naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes on garments. No chemicals needed here. This means your clothes will retain that freshly-laundered feel for longer and will never let on that you haven’t showered. Just what you need for travelling or when you’re pulling an all-nighter.
Seaweed is longer lasting
Karma garments are made from a durable blend of seaweed fiber and organic cotton. Seaweed brings anti-bacterial qualities to the clothing which means fewer washes are needed. The long-staple organic cotton from India makes it stay in shape when you wash it, and not get loose or sloppy.
Seaweed gives you good karma
Choosing seaweed clothing is kind to the planet because seaweed doesn’t need land to grow, nor fertilizers or pesticides. It’s organic, sustainable and ocean-farmed. Best of all, at the end of its life, each of our seaweed garments naturally composts back to the earth. Quietly. Kindly. Leaving no trace behind.

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